Over $6,000 in Cash and Prizes!!!

Over $6,000 in Cash and Prizes!!!


Race Times/Categories
(For Blue and Red Races only)
Race 1- W Cat 3/4, M Cat 4, Masters 45+, Masters 55+ Start time- 10:30 (approx . 40min)
Race 2- W Cat 1/2, M Cat 1/2, 3, Masters 35+ Start time- 11:30 (approx . 60min)
Race 3- Juniors and First time racers Start time- 12:45 (approx . 20min)

Registration 9:30-12:15 Podium after last race finishes

Race Cost
All RED races will cost $20.00 Pre Race*, and $25.00 Day of.
-$10.00 from every racer in the series final will go to Toys for Tots.
All BLUE races are $15.00 Pre Race* . Or a season pass for $45.00
That's 1 FREE race!
*Online charges will apply

Series Winners
You must race 3 of the 5 races to be on the podium. Your best 4 of 5 races will be used to determine the overall series winners for each category. The Series final will break all ties.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Category Alignment w/ Eagle Island Series

It has come to my attention that the categories for the two series were not in line. The master's categories wouldn't work together. I have talked with Brad S. and we have both decided to match the USA Cycling categories. They are posted on the right, and hopefully won't change 10 more times before the first race. I thought we had it last time, but this should do it.
Flame on everyone!


  1. Seems as if all of the comments I make are deleted. Is this by design or an issue.
    I posted a comment applauding your decision to make the categories the way they are and it was deleted several hours later. Hmm. I'm on your side.

  2. No Michael, nothing intentional. This whole thing is challenging parts of me that I didn't know needed to be challenged.
    I appreciate your post and your enthusiasm. I hope more people come out and give it this year.
    This page is growing up right in front of you, and the deletion was a product of my non-blogging techno side. Keep posting, and I will try not to delete any more. I promise!

  3. I was not whining. Just not sure if I was screwing up from my end. This is new to me as well.
    I really do applaud you all on making this decision with the categories. Should have been done years ago. Having the continuity from race to race was needed.